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New rims

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Grabbed some new 16" Celica GTS rims (takeoffs) off ebay.

I am interested in your real world experience with unidirectional tires. I have been looking at Bridgestorne g009s and Yoko avids. I want low noise as much as possible, and at least 20K worth of miles.

Any thoughts?
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I have Bridgestone weatherforce on my Neon and they work good in snow, rain, drty roads and are not too loud at all.
wound up buying Potenza re950s. waiting for delivery

pix someday
I got 16" gts' wheels too....don't regret a thing! good choice...
I went with kumho's because of a really good much did your's come out to?
125 out the door (mount balance disposal valves warranty) per tire at Costco

Tires were 325 from OEM Rims

I needed a no hassle deal on the tires and mounting, so tire stores were out, and discount didn;t have anything I wanted.

Where is a pic with your wheels. I am eager to visualize what I will have in a few days.
Change of plans - got some BFG tractions instead from Discount tire - 410 out the door, free chrome valve stems
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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