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new sentra..

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parents bought a 2003 Nissan sentra XE
30,000kms - 1 owner
a/c, cd
no special options really...
no accidents
warranty til 2007

it was from a nissan dealer in etobicoke, dealt w/ too many private deals and most of them lied nonstop

$13,900 (canadian) on the road tax in and everything

what do u guys think?
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using US standards:

18,750 miles - roughly 1/2 the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty used up. sold to them at $10,487.40 including taxes.

Not bad, I would've haggled for another $1000 off or a free extended warranty, assuming they paid for the warranty through 2007.
Could've probably found another one for a better deal. Probably could've found a 2001 se for that much with the same miles.
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