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New sexy pics from Slowriders car

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New sexy pics from Slowriders car + GIRL

wath's you meaning:confused:

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Damn, i thought they were going to be of your "friend":(

But the cars hot too :)
Nice view
Nice! I think that gen is the best looking celica. Btw, the landscape looks really good :thumbup:
nice celica dude:thumbup: very clean but is bridgestone and sporttec sponsoring you?
Gorgeous car and gorgeous sights. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a gorgeous Swiss driver! ;)
^^^^^ I almost agree.....Gorgeous car and gorgeous sights, And thats about it for me.

I also love that gen of celica.. Very clean!

Oh btw Welcome to the best Toyota forum on the web, enjoy your stay!
That's a really nice car:thumbup: Your pic with the landscape in the background makes me really miss Europe:(
Which engine did you guys get in the 6th gens?
now online
^up now allready online
you tricky swiss bastard (j/K but you are tricky) did a very nice mod to your car those rims look even better and wow i can't put my finger on it but there is something better about these pics...we need more close ups;)
how did that chick change shoes in the middle of the "photo shoot"????????

other than that nice car...i like the rims and calipers they look good
you tricky swiss bastard
i know:D :p:

thank's for your comment
sorry but my english is bad:( i hope you understand me:rolleyes:
nice pics... I thought you said there was a car in there somewhere? ;)
nice pics!

that's probably the nicest Celica of that generation that i've ever seen. tasty ... :)

nice car dood!
that girl's picture is next to the phrase "trying to be sexy, but not working" in the dictionary
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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