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It was spark plug day today. At almost 141k it was time to change them. My assumption was the Dealer put in new plugs when they sold it, but maybe not since it only had 60k when I bought it. The plugs in it were Denso, and they were used, that's for sure. No bad wear, nothing to indicate an issue, just normal wear for 140k plugs.

I opted for NGK Iridiums this go round. $10 a plug:

To do this job you really need to remove the appearance cover, top of the air box, and the air assembly going to the throttle body. This will require loosening the two clamps (10mm), taking off the air flow sensor wire, the vacuum line off the back of the assembly, and popping up the wire harness clips. Set aside all the plastic housing.

Each side has two air pumps bolted down that need to be removed to be able to get to the plugs. The hard line has two 10mm bolts, and the pump itself has three 12mm nuts. You remove the wire clip, then take these bolts and nuts off. Be aware that the hard line has a metal gasket – keep track of that.

Here you see the passenger side with the pump removed and setting aside:

The passenger side is the easiest to work on. The plug coils have 10mm bolts, and you pop off the wire harness. I replaced one plug at a time to keep me from getting the boots mixed up (no big deal I just like to keep the boot in the same position). Once I had a new plug in and tightened down, I replaced the boot and secured the bolt and harness. Once all three were done I put back the pump, being careful to get the metal gasket back in place properly.

The driver side is more of a pain. Here is the driver side with the pump removed and set aside. I wound up removing more from it to move it out of the way:

Here I removed a few vacuum lines to make more room and removed a bracket on the intake as it was in the way of the back plug. All those lines make it harder to work in there. Same process as the other side.

Again, when the last one was done, I replaced the pump, which is much harder to do here than on the passenger side. I wound up taking off the air line to make moving it around easier. Careful to place the metal gasket on and not drop it.

Put back everything and it is running like a top. Good for another 100-120k.
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