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New springs for the cam?

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I was just browsin around the net and I found a company that makes springs for the cam. I searched on TN and couldnt find anyone who has mentioned them before, so here ya go
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they look decent...but they are orange :eek:
Do you really want to say you have "Megan" springs? Sounds like a Mugen rip-off brand to me :thumbdown
is was just sayin i probably have no intent of buyin them. just thought i'd put them out there for people to check out. but a 2inch drop for the front is the most i have ever seen
Siver_Cartel said:
Do you really want to say you have "Megan" springs? Sounds like a Mugen rip-off brand to me :thumbdown
didnt really think of that...does mugen even make toyota parts...i thought it was a honda thing
i've heard of "megan" in some other stuff and especially on eBay:hammer:
but in my humble opinion haven't heard much stuff about megan for camry stuff. if one is lowering it that low, might as well purchase Tanabe springs or whatever since they have some production for the camry and the brand that's pretty much known well whoever heard of it besides me:p:
all in all, the tanabe springs that many that i've heard off that lowered their cars said it's a really good brand and smooth ride comfort well besides obviously gotta get some aftermarket shocks etc.:thumbup:
good thought, but bad idea......sure, it'll drop 2" at first, and then it'll keep dropping, and dropping, and dropping.....

not a good idea to go cheap on springs :disappoin
Tanabe makes springs for camrys?
ptballer3271 said:
Tanabe makes springs for camrys?
yeah tanabe makes springs for the camry for the 2002+ though but i'm not sure of the earlier years.. however gotta call them up for the prices though and there's like many types of springs they have at different drop heights and i'm not sure i haven't checked on their coilovers
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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