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new steering wheel

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me again with my 89 rolla LE i was wondering if a steering wheel off a newer corolla or a toyota in general would fit my corolla ?
My wheel is very weather cracked and the glue has let loose on it so i have a wheel cover on it...:disappoin
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Couldn't you jsut find the same steering wheel in a junkyard..maybe in good condition?
man that sucks...wish I had the answer for you.
Is it a nice wheel cover at least though? :)
well i like the newer steering wheels because they look better
but if its too much work then maby....
couldn't i just pry up the centre piece of the wheel (where the horn is) and get the nut off ?? is Kentville..probably should change that..
I've no idea for the steering wheel though, I've never ventured intot rying to pull mine off. Lol I think I'd wreck something. Someone should know the answer though. You might be able tog et an adapter to fit the different wheel too.
yea, i was thinking to get a custom wheel from like canadian tire and an adapter kit for it...but i wanted to know first if another toyota wheel would fit..
It'll fit. Just make sure you don't get one with airbag.
Anyway aftermarket wheel looks better.
i have a steering wheel off of an '87 tercel coupe on my ae86. it looks great and i only paid $4 for it!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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