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I recently purchased an 05 Prerunner quad cab with 60k on the dial..

I have a concern though, at 35mph I have a slight vibration.. feels like.. im driving on a road with slight wash boarding... I can feel it equally in the floor and the steering wheel, it only occurs at 34/37mph and ONLY when on the throttle.. I.E. accelerating I feel it as I pass that range, decelerating I do not.. I have checked everything I know how to check, carrier bearing, mounts.. everything looks good. the vibration only occurs in that small window, nowhere else.

another question, the previous owner apparently did not garage keep the vehicle, the paint, chrome and dash are all in excellent shape, but the black trim has some fade to it... what is good for restoring it PERMANENTLY.. armor all works but I need to reapply it every few days.

thanks for any help :cool:

P.S. what the hell is this ---> :Bruce: ????

05' Taco Pre-Runner
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First you must thoroughly clean them. Then get an applicator pad and work in the 303 aerospace protectant. This stuff goes a long way...use a little and work it in. This should fix your problem.
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