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I just wanted to introduce myself, as I'm new here.
I'm from Brampton Ontario, and just bought a 1994 Tercel DX 5 spd. The body seems to be in very good shape (~265 000km) with some minor surface rust on the hood and passenger door.
I got it from a friend for fairly cheap ($100 CAD) and will be using it as my winter car. The interior is in alright shape, and the engine seems to be almost shot. I don't think there is a whole lot of compression in cylinder 2 at this point. Its got a new clutch, exhaust, and recent brakes. It only needs a couple things to certify it, so thats good. :thumbup:

My background in cars is quite diverse, but I won't ramble (too much :) ). My father is a mechanic, so I have access to a shop, and have the skills to do all my own work including some fabrication and body work. I've been through a fair amount of cars (92 Civic, 89 Sentra, 89 Fox, 93 Geo, 89 Swift GTi (Currently a moderator at, 92 Sentra E) and currently drive a 1988 Mazda 323 GT Turbo that I got this spring.
I've done a couple little things to it (intake, exhaust, gauges, seats, Falken Azenis Sports), and I did buy a boost controller off ebay but it is terrible, so I'm just running stock boost until I get an AVCR over the winter. I have a bunch more plans for the winter, but I won't bore you.

Here is a picture of my 323 that I took a while back when I got my new tires on the car:

Plans for the Tercel include an engine swap (as mentioned above, the engine is bad), and some other little mods (Nissan NX2000 14" rims, fixing the rust, etc).

Anyways, thanks for looking!
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