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New TN member with an XRS

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Hi all! My name's Eddie and I live in SoCal. I drive a '03 Matrix XRS. I've been watching this forum for about eight months now, but I just registered for it.
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Well welcome to TN :D

Maybe you can give me a ride in your trix.... I hear good things but think this VVTL-i vid is a little overdone :)

Check out the SoCal meets... it's nice to have someone a LITTLE closer to me. Everyone is south or east of me.
ishcoleobo I'll gladly give you a ride. Have you been to
The LA/Valley people meet up regularly. Maybe we can plan a drive up the coast and you can meet up with us. We've been wanting to do that for a while!
Never been to the site... think my 2 would stand out like a sore thumb :D. Let me know when the next cruise is... that would be pretty bad ass.
We've got a lot of members that don't drive Trixs. And I actually know a lot of MR2's that watch our site. We meet regularly with them. I can probably get them to do a drive with us, they're cool people.
Great.... now i have to join another forum :D
Check out the Socal forum!
We just put up a map of where all the members are located.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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