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92 Toyota 4Runner
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Good Morning all!

New to the forums here and Toyotas... Just purchased my first over the weekend. It is a '92 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4.... 4 door, V6 automatic, with about 156K mileage.

The body has its share of small issues... It is Wisconsin afterall so I expected some rust with the Winters we have... that is just cosmetic... she seems to be in good mechanical shape and I thought the mileage was pretty low... (around 10K a year). Here interior is in very nice shape, not stained up or anything. And doens't appear that their is any leaks around the moonroof etc, one owner... and thnkfully not a smoker. So I am pretty pleased with her so far...

I suppose my question is this, what kinda things should I watch for with this model Toyota? Is there any major quirks/bugs in this model that I should be aware of?

Any help or advice that you could give to a newbie would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks again!


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I assume you have the 3.slow... um, I mean 3.0L engine. If so, you should have the $tealer run your VIN to see if the head gasket recall has been performed on it yet. That was the major problem for those engines. That and a lack of power. You should also try to visit too, lots of guys and gals there with 4Runners.

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Nice ride, low miles too for that year. I have a 94 SR5 with the 3.0 (3.slow). I bought mine with 60k on it in 98 and now I have 137k, and no probs at all. I did add some things to make it a little more better performance wise. I wish mine was 4x4, cause I would add headers. But I did add an MSD ignition system with a blaster ss coil and some Vytek plug wires with Iridium plugs. It was a not hard to install, and MSD techs on line assisted with diagrams too. Also a KN FIPK intake and a Jaradine Catback exhaust with a free flow catalytic converter. Sounds good too, these products were purchased off ebay and Still looking to install headers some day. I also have a 06 Sequoia X-SP. I love my Toyotas and think you will too.

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The rear window regulator needs a look at if it's starting to wind down slowly - usually a quick lube will fix. Also the lower weather strip on that same window is a pain in the arse - make sure you keep that area in top shape as those models tend to rust there quickly.

I would also look into getting the trans / diff fluid changed as most people tend to neglect that.

Other than that - make sure the regular maintenance is kept up to date and you will enjoy your T4R for a very long time!

one more thing - drop the spare tire at least once a year - sometimes the cables to to cease up.

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Great looking ride. I have a 90 that is the same color. Looks like you did pretty good. I currently own a 94 as well.

Personally I would not waste much time and effort trying to get any additional performance out of this vehicle. These engines are pigs and you just have to live with it. However, they are pretty reliable if maintained correctly. Expect to get about 16 mpg in the city and maybe 20/21 on the highway if you keep the tach at about 2600/2700 RPM and are not a lead foot.

Here is a list of what I have had to do to mine over the years:

New rear springs as mine had the usual rear end sag. I installed Downey 1.5 inch lift springs.

New muffler/tailpipe (I am in Ohio in the rust belt)

Repaired my starter by replacing the 2 copper connections inside. Not to difficult and saves you some big $. This is a somewhat common problem....

Replaced head gaskets ( previous owner had the warranty done previously and the dealer who did it was a hack). Most likely you should not have to pay for this if it goes. I also replaced the water pump and timing chain while this was getting done.

New Bilstein shocks. Installed these because I have the Off Road package with the 31 inch tires on 15 inch rims (which is kinda piss poor IMHO) wanted to try to reduce some of the sway - which it did.

My wheel wells are starting to rust substantially as is the area on the tailgate just below the rear window which is really slow.

If you can keep the salt off it to a good extent it will rust slowly instead of quickly. It took mine a good 3 years to begin rusting after I first introduced it to the salt. I bought mine from a salt free home.. Additionally, I would not recommend that you remove the wheel well mouldings as it seems that this will expedite the rusting process of the wheel wells.

Good luck you will enjoy it...

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