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Welcome to the forums fellow 7th Gen owner! :D

There's quite a lot of great info in regards to JDM conversions here. The hard part would be finding the bumpers, but if you can find a JDM importer who can get one shipped from Japan then it will be simple. I would offer to send some over from here, but the shipping price is about $700 alone. I can send smaller things such as the JDM grille, headlights and tail lights however :)

You should find this particular thread useful. It shows which JDM bumpers fit on your car, with little to no modification:

The JDM Corolla bumpers will fit straight on (although you'll have to remove your safety crash bars) but the JDM Sprinter or Levin bumpers will require modification. The AE101 FX-GT front bumper is a popular choice, and will fit straight on.

Have fun on the forums! :chug:
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