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new to forums / buying a supra

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Hey-i dont have a supra (yet) but i am planning on buying one within the next week or so.
I found these forums and thought i would ask you guys-
are there any problems with 86.5-89ish (the MKIII) that are common and i should look out for?

p.s. i test drove 1 supra and it was a HUUUUGE step up from my 89 accord :lol:

thanks in advance
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it pretty much has the same problems as anyother car could have. Leaks, rust, noises...... it all depends how it was taken care of.

I own an 85 and it is in good shape compaired to alot of other ones i've seen with the hatch all rusted out.

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woode87 said:
this "head gasket" problem iv seen--
how common is it?
how expensive is it to replace?
any obvious signs if its going/gone?

once again, thanks
in order,

a certainty

not an awful lot if you do it yourself... $1000+ if you don't

rough idle due to low compression, disappearing coolant, white smoke out the tailpipe even when engine isn't cold, milky oil, gurgling noises behind the dash (air in cooling system)

you're welcome :)
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