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Today I bought a 2007 Corolla LE. I looked at many used Corollas before settling on this one. One I paid to have my mechanic inspect but then the seller sold it to someone else.

Wish me luck. The new-to-me Corolla has about 260K miles. The CarFax shows that 200K were in 2 years! The story I heard is that it was a couple and one drove often to visit the other, and eventually they were able to live in the same city and sold the car. Hopefully that means 200K highway miles and only 60K mixed miles. I know it needs a new water pump and one front wheel bearing, which sounds fairly routine and inexpensive.

Toyota-wise, I have owned my 99 Land Cruiser for about 5 years, and my parents own a Venza and Prius and are still sad they sold their Corolla they had for 10 years. :)

I wanted to get a Toyota Corolla for my 15 YO daughter and wife (and me too) because:
- Somewhat cheap to buy.
- Hopefully very reliable. For value and also to not leave us stranded.
- Hopefully cheap to repair and maintain.
- Great gas mileage. The Odyssey gets 16 MPG and typically only one or two people are traveling.
- Will not feel like such a burden to get the vehicle going at every light.
- Easy to maneuver for a new driver.
- Easier to find small parking places, for new driver and old ones.


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