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Hey whats up guys and girls. I just found this forum, cool info guys! I bought my CAMRY about 7 month

ago and Iam looking for some mods that I can do with my car (with your help):naughty:.

Here are some pics of my car


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Welcome to TN! Start modding! You know...HIDs, maybe a lil satellite radio or rear park sensors?

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Iam from Lafayette, LA. Where did you get your spoiler? Did you drill your trunk?
I got my spoiler thru:

I also suggest you get the installation kit which is an extra $20. (very very useful for only 20 bucks..)

I did a semi-DIY here:

Yes, I did have to drill holes. Its not as bad as you think....With that template, if you have patience and align everything properly, it is so easy, a caveman could do it.

If you need more help, PM me and I will gladly walk you thru it when you are ready. :thumbup:

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There was a member is that install a lip spoiler just like the OEM spoiler but no drill require. It was using the 3M double side tape. I'll will have to search for his name.

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lower it too! springs or coilovers

many members have some type of springs(TRD/Eibach H&R or Sprint, i believe), Moky just installed coilovers and made a thread about and and princess peach has an open thread about his H&R springs
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