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I have been a long time toyota fan, I am glad I found you all . My Yota was a 94 2WD
I bought in 1999 I drove it until I got married , then i tradedit in on a bigger truck. I spent alot of time on my 94 , 3" body lift , custom paint , custom 15" wheels with 30" Daytons Timber lines . I hated to get rid of it but you know how it goes. I was never happy with another truck until I ran across my 90 2WD . I bought it from a guy who thought the head was blown because there was water in oil.( hole in timing cover) so I bought it and have been redoing it since . I am building a new motor for it as we speak . I still got to find a dent free bed before I can finish it . but other than the bed the body and paint is in great shape . I am slowly up grading my interior because my truck is a base model I have bought some parts off of E-bay.
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