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hi everyone. im from Niles, IL and I drive a 1995 Toyota Camry DX I4 Sedan in Emerald Green. The car was bought brand new by my dad in 1995 and then was passed down to my mom and then was passed down to me.

I will be honest, I wanted to get rid of the Camry and buy a fancy sports car like a 350Z or a G35 asap but after refusing to take only $500 cash as a trade in for it so that I could buy a 2003 350Z I started to fall in love with it. It is so quiet, comfortable, reliable, roomy, and has room for me and my friends and enough trunk space to fit 3-4 bodies. What a car!

I currently have 160k on the odometer and plan on keeping her forever.

ps. been a long time guest, decided that this community has some great ppl so I decided to join

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Glad to have you aboard the forums. I feel the same way about my Avalon. I thought about getting rid of it once or twice, but it's just too comfortable and reliable to do that. Hope you get to 300K+ with your Camry.


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