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Hey i just found this site while searching for parts for the 1MZ-FE (3.0 v6) on my 99 avalon. as you may or may not know (or maybe im the one that doest know) there arent many parts for this engine (like i said as far as i know) and thats why i come here I'm looking for any help, tips, websites, urban legends, anythin that relates to turning this powerful v6 into a real beast. please help! :chug:
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welcome to the boards...what questions do you have?
Mostly i want to know where should I start... and what parts to keep an eye out for all of that you know.... i've seen the avalon on with the nos. I dont think i want to take it that far up maybe as far a a turbo kit.
Because you have an Avalon, anything performance wise will have to be custom made. There is alot of stuff for the 1MZ, but not for the Avalons due to clearance and ECu differences.
ok so how much would an intake, headers, and exhaust run me? also i want exahust that will improve the car's performance but i dont want it to sound like a fart can u kno i wanna make it faster but classy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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