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Hey all.
Signed up here anticipating my induction into the Toyota Truck culture with a pending buy on a nice little low miles base model '92 P/U
If the deal goes down, I'll be looking to trade down on the alloy wheels/tires to somethine better for city. maybe someone here fairly local would be interested.
Opinions from the old timers here on how it looks and the price would be appreciated as well.
Also owner is not sure and I am a rookie...does look like short standard or long bed?

I am a long time member of the vwvortex forums as well as I am a scirocco nut at heart as well.
Thanks for the warm welcomes and I lok forward to gleaning as much as I can here.

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Welcome to TN. The truck looks good for a '92. Looks like it could use a little lovin' on the inside with a carpet cleaner. But if it has no leaks and runs good. Looks like short standard bed to me. No clue what the price should be, search around. Hopefully one of the truck guys can jump in and save me. :)
Anyways, enjoy your stay.
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