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new to tn

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Hi, i have been checking out this forum for the past 3 months off and on and decided to register. i think this is very helpfull forum and there are lots of helpfull info here.
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Welcome to TN! You should post in Me/Mine/Mods so we have an idea who you are and what ya got.
Welcome. what do you drive??
im assuming a camry since you posted in camry section.
trying to post a pic of my car, for some reason its not coming out. can you please tell me what im doing wrong. thanx
moved to m/m/m, welcome to TN :hi:
hi, my name is ed, i drive 94 camry v6 slightly moded. trying to post some pics need some help. thanx
you'll have to find somewhere to host them (like cardomain) and then link the pics using the img function of the forum

or you can put the links like so
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yeah, they suck for linking pics...
Nice clean Camry. I like ur tail lights all red and blacked out. I like the LCD screen near where the shift knob is. awesome.:)
Are those headlights brand new. They look so clear!:thumbup:
Welcome to TN. Glad you decided to register.

mmm...CF hood. Very clean ride :thumbup:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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