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Hey wassup everybody, i'm new to this forum, just wanted to say wassup to everybody. Came here because i just got an MR2 w/ the JDM gen3 motor swap in a 91 MR2, don't know to much about MR2's.

Have a few questions like will my new swap have LSD, these are the things i have ready for my new MR2, Dual HKS exhuast, Apexi Intake, 3''downpipe, Apexi boost controller, HKS BOV, upgraded Greddy intercooler, and SAFC. If i crank up the boost how much do you think i can get out of it? And how much am i making stock w/ the gen3 motor from japan?

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Sounds like a pretty bad ass setup!

You should be able to push 18psi in short spurts. Don't forget about your stock fuel cut though. You will need a fuel cut defencer before you can push more than 12psi (not sure if its the same on the gen3). Gen3 motor is supposed to have 245hp.
Oh yea i will be getting the greddy boost cut defencer, and is it 245 on the dyno?
yes....245 at the dyno.....but that is also at the crank....rwhp will prolly be just over 200hp.....quick...but not lightning fast IMO...
245 is the manufacturer's number so it's probably at the flywheel, not the drive wheels. you'll be making it more or less depending on what you have controlling the engine.

turbo and more importantly, the supporting mods, will determine what your limit is.
Is the air flow meter in between the filter and turbo?
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