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We are racecar drivers from Canada. We race on a 1/3 - 1/4 mile clay oval dirt track with very little banking. I have (2) '87 and (1) '88 Toyota Celica GT, with the "FE"(?) motor. We are building ONE car out of the three to race at our hometrack. (most of the competition run Civics, all 4 cyls) As we are new to the toyotas, all we know is that there is a 20 HP difference between the GT and the GTS motors, what did they do to the GTS engine to make the difference? Are there ANY parts i can take of a GTS engine and bolt on to my GT engine? can i change the entire engine? will it fit in my GT? are the motor mounts the same? will it bolt up to our manual GT transaxle? is the intake, injectors, mass air flow all the same size, between the 2 engines? can i take a head and intake off a GTS and put it on mine? are the ECM's the same? has anyone put a chip in their cars? I can run ANY cam as long as it bolts right in. any recommendations on a part #/brand of cam for us to use?

and ultimately, will we be able to compete with these damn hondas? :p

thanks for all the help, if anyone can help us, it would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks, Dan

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22R/RE/RTE is a truck/USDM Celica engine. RWD.

The GTS engine will bolt into your GT with minor mods. It's the same family as your engine [GT-2SE/3SFE GTS-3SGE]
However, you do not want to swap parts. Just swap the whole engine in.
It has MUCH more potential than the others.

In Toyota engines G = performance, ie better head/cam/ect design.

You could also swap a newer 3SGE into your car, providing the rules allow it.
They are up to 210hp in the newest version [Altezza].
They also came in the JDM MR2, until 99.
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