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Hi, Everyone.

Having owned my 9th generation Corolla since new, I now own a 2004 Tundra SR5. 4.7lt, Automatic.

Don't have a Haynes manual yet, will get one.

I want to check the automatic transmission fluid, and now am a little confused.

Yesterday, I drove it around, and found a spot, parked it, put it in neutral, ran it through the gears, checked the fluid. It was low. I added some to get it into the range near full.

Today when cold I checked it, and its was over the hot mark?

Whats going on?

Haven't driven it yet. since.

Want to be sure I am doing it right.

Please advise on how you normally check the transmission fluid. I have never had an automatic transmission with both a hot and cold mark on the dip stick.

Also, wow. Is this dipstick a pain to get in.

Thank You.

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Check it when it's warmed up and the engine is running.
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