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New/Turned Rotors when getting new Brake Pads?

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Brakes got checked today and I'm getting some new pads. I've been having no problem with my brakes (99 Camry) but the pads have gotten thin. I understand that while I'm at it, I need to get the rotors turned/replaced. Is that correct? Is there any harm if I do the pads first myself and then later have the rotors turned?

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If the rotor have bad wear or grooves in them it could wear your new pads weird. New rotors these days are pretty cheap, I would just do it all while your doing the pads.
It is advisable to get new rotors or turn the old ones when installing new pads. The pads will seat better to a new or turned rotor surface. It is also advisable to do this when the pads are first installed, not later.

Thanks a ton! And is it typically cheaper to pay someone to turn them than to replace them myself?
Thanks a ton! And is it typically cheaper to pay someone to turn them than to replace them myself?
Around here it costs about $15 per rotor to have them turned, Vs about $100 each for new ones.
I had the rotors turned about a year ago at the local parts store. They charged $12 per rotor.

I replaced rotors a few times on various cars, I've always gotten Brembo Blank rotors them from the Tire Rack.

For a 1999 4-cyl Camry, it looks like they are $40 each.
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The cheap rotors (made in China) are around $30 each at places like Pep Boys.

I am also in need of new brake pads and rotors for Camry 1999, CE 4cl. I checked on ebay and the cheapest set are around $60. I am thinking about spending a bit more for better quality equipment but don't' know which one to choose or where I should buy them.

My budget is around $100 for the whole set.

Should I get ceramic or semi-metallic?

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