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New (used) wheels/tires (56k no way)

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When I inherited this truck last year, it came with some custom 14" wheels. I couldn't wait for the tires to need replacing so I could justify upgrading them. It finally happened. :)

Anyway, I found a pretty good deal on some powdercoated mustang cobra wheels/tires on craigslist...


And After:

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Not really my style - but it looks good!

Me thinks you need a little chrome - front bumper, mirrors and a re-paint :D
is this the truck you had a thread about a while back asking whether to buy it or not?
hey, i want those wheels for my mustang :)

looks good on the black truck tho
Thanks guys. :)

Jayota - I agree the amount of chrome is wrong. I've started collecting parts for the 4-runner front end, and I'm going to decide if it's all chrome, or all black. :)

jake - nope, not me. This truck I inherited from my father... :)

89 - thanks. Yeah, they didn't look right on the red mustang they came off of though...hehe
i vote for all black.
Nice bro!
topher- mustang rims from a 96 - 04 GT fit the best (2wd). His rims are from a non GT model

i wish I still had my mustang rims on my truck.
well that's a lie. I have 05 mustang rims on there now, but the offset is all wrong.
Oh, and I correst myself. 03 mustang COBRA rims fit our trucks the BEST. but they are also a million dollars. If you find a set for 400 dollars or less, let me know!
if the lip were polished on those, it would look even better.

nice truck :)
Thanks guys... :) I'd like 'em even more if the lip was polished also... :)

These are 17" wheels off of a 96 or 97 Mustang Cobra...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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