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New wheels on my gen 5

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i just got new wheels. there 16x8.5 and 16x7.5. i just need to buy new tires. the tires that came with the wheel are way to small.

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel
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it is slowly becoming a (the one punks posted before) did you put the 8.5 in the front again and the 7.5 on the rear? punks post it again and lets campare it.

edit: never mind punks i got it,
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They look like 13" with that lip...

But it's your car..if you like'em more power to you.

HA! @ civic
I'm sorry but those wheels don't belong on that car.

But you're the one driving it so it's all good.
i actually dig those wheels!!! i think they would look really good slammed on coils and with a lip kit.....sell them to me..( and please put the 8.5 in the back if it isn't already there)
Congrats on the wheels! I'm personally not a fan, but if you like them, more power to you. They remind me of the wheels that would normally come on the 80s Pontiac Firebirds or Trans Ams.
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