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New Wheels!

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How do you fellas feel about this set up? My girlfriend is not too fond of it.

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It'll look totally kickass if you drop it! :thumbsup:
Yea drop that, and get a body kit! But yea that looks kick ass :thumbsup:
its looks OK. i think the bronzecolor is too much for the car though specially the color of it
Like the wheels but I agree with bigdaddymike dont know about on that color car. SOmething similar to it in a gunmetal or black with lip maybe. Then you got to drop it some.
:rolleyes: wow that looks terrible. are you going to get washer nozzle leds next?
Yeah, that's about the reaction I got from girlfriend too. It's hard to find decent wheels for this car that aren't the new bling bling style. Guess I have to try something else.
i'd go with black or gunmetal for that color car.
I think the color is alright, not a big fan of the rim itself tho.

so are you in so-cal or ontario?
Both! Ontario, CA in southern Cali!;)
btw is that photochop???? :naughty:

other than that looks very nice:thumbsup:
Sure is. Trying on some wheels the cheap way!:D
yeah they're just the wrong style and color for a light blue wagon :D :barf:
the wheels look pretty good, but i dont think it really matches or blends in with the car too well ??? :dunno:
Agreed. Some nice 3-piece forged wheels with a lip will really look nice! :cool:
leasaunce, thanks for lowering my car, looks nice.:D Maybe a little low. Too bad what we do in photoshop doesn't translate to the real thing. I was hoping for the STi look. Gold on blue. Doesn't work huh... vbmenu_register("postmenu_1032106", true);
maybe rims just dont look right on a camry wagon?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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