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I announced the idea of opening back in November 2006. Well, that vision has now become a reality!

I have poured a ton of cash into this investment for all of you X-Runner owners who I feel truely want a space to call home. Here's a few things that you can expect to see:

Tons of forums & subforums
I received quite a few emails and one of the most common
requests was to have MORE forums. So that's what I did.

Custom templates
I am still working on finishing up the Red template, but once complete
blue and black will follow (b/c we all know blue and black are faster
and get more chicks).

FREE member photo galleries!
I just purchased the license last night and it's not active yet,
but will be soon. Post all your photos - FREE! Email Addresses!
In the near future I will add a donate button for those interested
though XR-Underground will always be 100% free. Donators
will receive a free email address along
with a FREE sticker for their truck (still in production).

This is just the beginning XR owners, but I need your help. I have put together a rough layout for the forums but go to, sign-up for an account and give me your feedback on how I can make the boards better for you. I love the XR - and that's what fueled me to pursue this project but I believe plenty others out there love it too.

Thanks in advance for making this new forum a success! I have some great ideas that are in the works but with a full-time job they're going to take some time to complete --- but I didn't want to delay any longer in giving XR owners a new place to hang.

Note: Since the graphics are still under development for the new Radiant Red XR-Underground theme, please forgive any hard-to-read text or funky graphics/icons. I hope to have the theme cleaned up by the end of the week.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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