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Hey everyone. I'm looking at 2 different corolla's this week.
1) 1986 Corolla SR5 hatchback
2) 1986 Corolla SR5 coupe

At the end of the week ONE of them will be mine!!! :D

I have a few questions though..
I live in Canada (Ontario) I'm wondering what kind of prices I'd be looking at to pick up a standard transmission, as both these cars are auto.

Also I plan on using this car as a drift project. Will the stock motor be alright for a little drifting? If I need to put money into the stock motor I wont bother, and just swap for a 4a engine. $1200 Canadian for full motor/tranny setup.

What kind of hp does the stock motor put out?

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Not sure on the prices but the 4AC is not the best engine around. The 4AGE will bolt right in but you will need engine/trans/driveshaft/pedals/mounts/ecu- or run webers/electric fuel pump... You can also swap in a 3TC which is a great motor and not that hard to do. Engine/trans/driveshaft/pedals.
These cars only had 80- 100 hp on a good day:lol:

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1986 Corolla GT-S
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Matterwise get a AE86 GT-S first. Unless you are tech savy and wrench happy.
Its Straight Forward doing the blueTop 4A-GE. But you pretty much have to replace lots of small stuff. Club4AG has lots of Thread regarding how to. But a really good source is Getting

It pretty much gives you all the pics and general follow up by TAKA AONO himself!
Its a SR5 to GT-S.

Get the Best rustless Chasis you can get if you are gonna get an AE86 SR5. to bad its automatic. You have to get the Clutch assembly as well. Miss that 3rd pedal. LOL

The T50 Transmission, the AE86 GT-S Transmission, is pretty easy to find and cheap in the used market. around 150-200. Just remember regardless, ITS AN OLD CAR WITH OLD PARTS.

I just say Good luck. That has to be one clean Chassis if its worth it.
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