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Newb with question

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Hi all. New to the forum and to Toyota pickups. I just brought home a '89 2wd, 22R 4spd beater. 183k on it. Needs some love, but the engine sounds sweet.

So far I've replaced the blower resistor and the left rear axle outer bearing and seals. Needs little stuff from here on. Hopefully the noise coming from the rear is nothing to worry about. :)

Question: Does it have an oil idiot light, and should it come on when the ignition is switched on before startup? Don't see a battery or genny light either, now that I think about it.

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Yup its an idiot light, and yes it comes on when the engine is not running.
Ah ha! The gorilla that changed the oil filter last yanked the wire off the sending unit. Oil light comes on now. Next!

The dome light doesn't come on when the driver's door opens, but does with the passenger door. The wiring diagram in Chilton's indicates that there is a relay associated with the driver's door switch. Does anyone know where that relay is located?

Thanks again.
pictures of hte beater ?
I'll take some today, now that the rain has stopped. It's white with crazy blue surf-van kinda stripes all over it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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