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NeWbIe 2011 Camry SE

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Good to find a great forum like this. I just brought a 2011 camry SE and love it! unfortunelty 2 weeks ago a deer hit ME. At 40mph the deer flew acrooss the road and 5 mins later got up and took off. the deer committed a hit and run. It caused $7000 worth of damage. well when i get it back I want to de-badge, tint the brake lights, but I need more ideas on how to make my Camry just a little different than others.

thanks in advanced
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Sorry to hear about the damage to your new Camry! Those northern tier states see a lot of deer hits, which I guess is a road hazard you're happy to have survived. :thumbsup: Our 5th & 6th Gen Camry forum and its members will be able to help you out with those future mods once you get your ride back, so welcome to Toyota Nation and enjoy yourself here!

Welcome to TN! :hi:

Congrats on the purchase of the Camry, but sorry to hear what happened! I'm sure it'll look as good as new when you get it back. There's loads of information here, so that'll keep you busy in the meantime :)

Enjoy the forums! :chug:
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