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Hello everyone. I just purchased my forst Toyota Avalon on Friday.....It's a white 2001 XLS with 46k miles and needs a little personality- my wife told me it looked like a rental car :headbang: I was hoping that some of you could answer a few questions for me.

--I'd like to get some PIAA lights for the front, but I'm not sure what wattage/model #'s to get? ....and, I'm assuming that I need 6 bulbs right?- 2 for the running lights (that I have turned off with the e-brake), 2 for the headlamps and 2 for the fog lamps? Should I get some clear lenses for the fog lamps, or leave them as is?

--Does anyone have any pics of their Avalon with rims/tires? I plan on getting rid of my current stock set-up within the next month or two, but I have no idea what I want to replace them with. Any pics would be greatly appreciated. Maybe some 18's would look good?

Again, thanks for your time and suggestions and feel free to share anything else of importance.

:chug: :thumbsup:

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