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Newbie here!

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Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Ed and I am 22 from Chicago. I go to Universal Technical Institute and will be going to the Toyota TPAT technician program.

Was a diehard old Chevy muscle freak when I first started going there. Still love the old Chevy muscle, but i realize that there is no way that carburated motors or any of that jazz could every cut it today. Emmisions are HUGE and (with much reserve) important. (In fact, I want to go Coil Near plug DSFI, and DFI with Twin Turbo on a 632ci BBC! Carburators eat your hearts out!)

I still have quite a ways from being anywhere NEAR considered a journeyman tech, but I understand the basics and Im building my knowledge and skills from there. Hoping to move to Tucson, AZ when I graduate school.
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Welcome to the boards!

I'm just downstate from you, in Champaign.

What are you driving now?

I drive a 93 Toyota Pickup auto with the 22RE. My replacment header should be in tomorrow as the stock manifold has a crack in it. :disappoin

Hopefully this will do it.
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