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OK, so I am a little backwards...I already posted in the Highlander I am posting my intro here...oh well!:rolleyes:
I am a new Toyota owner, p'd/u my new Highlander Saturday...LOVE IT! I've had Nissan's, Saturn's, Mercury's, Jeeps so I figured I'd add to the list. Honestly, the 0% financing is what made my decision...Saturn had 7.9%...forget about it!:lol:
So I am a deliriously happily married Dental Hygienist who lives in PA and rescues senior dogs. We have 3 currently but these are our 7th, 8th & 9th rescues. I love XM radio and live a charmed my Highlander has been added to that charmed life. I moderate on a literary forum and belong to a few other forums as well. Well, that's the gist of me, so I'll see you on the board!:heart:
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