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Newbie, Hi

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Hi guys, I have posted this in 'general' aswell, but then saw this section.
I am toying with the idea of buying a Mk1 MR2, I have always liked them, and have the chance to buy one. It s a '88 model. Can you tell me what sort of things to look out for when viewing the car. I understand that there may be a few rust bubbles around the arches & valence, but are there any other major concerns to look for? The car has done 115k miles. Thanks for your help guys.
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welcome to TN and mr2 section.

you should just check for body rust and check if the engine is sound. make sure that there is no body damage i.e. gotten in accidents, clean motor, no oil leaks, etc.
Thanks for the reply. Are there any certain areas in particular that this model is likely to suffer with?
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