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Newbie Questions, Please

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Have never had an Avalon, but thinking about purchasing one.
Have three questions, please:

a. Was very surprised that they did away with the option for a full bench seat in the front. I really dislike (guess it's my age) the center console found on so many cars now.

Any idea why they did away with it ?

Can't help believing that the majority of their owners are not kids, and that we "older" folks really like a full bench seat better.

Was it their marketing that shows I was wrong, or ?

b. Gas mileage is important to me, now.
Does their smallest engine option prove "adequate" for most of you folks ?

c. This is subjective of course, but are you happy with the new Avalon ?
Would you buy another one ?

What don't you like ?

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If your thinking about an Avalon read the Camry forums for opinions as the two cars are almost the same.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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