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2010 Camry SE
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Been a member since I bought my 2010 Camry SE with the moonroof package back in June of '09. Now we got our first minivan.

Took advantage of Toyota's lease on the Sienna LE for 3/36 @ $279/mo.

Cypress Pearl/bisque with the convenience package and towing prep.

Sticker: $30,419 - buy out $17,100 (not bad considering all the '08 LE's on the used lot were selling for $19k+).

We've traded an '04 Ranger XLT on the 2010 Camry SE and then traded an '05 Taurus SE for the 2011 Sienna LE. So we went from foreign made American brands to foreign brand America made cars :lol:.

So far I really like the built-in sunshades on all the rear windows, the handsfree phone buttons on the steering wheel and the bluetooth streaming audio through my iphone. Oh and that you can set most of the settings on the dash instead of having to go to the dealer - like to turn off the beep when you lock/unlock the doors, etc.

EDIT: pics added

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