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Newbie to TN from TO

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Newbie to TN from TercelOnline

sup guys name Roach... i heard about yall from my friends at from what ive heard yall know about us...

but anyway

i have a 1994 Toyota Tercel
2 door
4spd manual
custom interior
powertech exhaust
paseo cluster
all interior lights including gauge lights and a/c lights are red
underseat 10"neons

and well used to have a clarion stereo system till it got stolen ...

but here are some pics

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when your said "from TO" I thought you meant TO as in Toronto :snore:

TO or not, welcome. Nice clean Tercel you've got there Roach.

btw-is that Roach as in dirty pest or roach as in a phat joint :weed:
i thought you meant T-DoT too
lol na guys i mean lol i forgot that you guys up north call it TO or TDot lol thanx for the comments...

and na thats Roach as in dirty pest... long story... i dont do the other stuff... try to spend my money to give me a high on the street at a faster speed not spend money to make me feel "all wakky and funny inside"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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