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hi there. I am new to the forum. is there a part of the forum where one can go to ask for an independent mechanic recommendation? would that be the regional section? or by model? any advice is appreciated.

Background: we live in Davidson NC, just north of Charlotte NC. own a 2009 Venza. Just under 100k. Never a single issue. The other day my wife went to go to work, started fine, but went to go down driveway....hit the gas, and nothing. stuck on 1000 RPM. check engine light (and "VSC" error). towed it to our normal local independent guy (not a Toyota specialist, but a good guy I have used for minor stuff on several cars). he pulled the codes and there were 4 or 5, all related to throttle pedal. he told me honestly he couldn't help (I guess due to codes or number of issues). told me to go see the dealer or a Toyo certified guy.

since dealer was nearby I had it towed there last evening. I called first thing today to make sure it had arrived via tow. it had, they mentioned they were looking it over but having a hard time nailing down the problem. got a call about 4PM. needs wire harness, and new transmission. $7300 to make it driveable (that is a re-manufactured transmission).

so I want a second opinion. where can I go on this site to find out from other owners who they would recommend in my area. the first guy couldn't figure it out, and it took the dealer all day to while the dealer may be stretching it on the severity or price...its obviously serious or a mix of I do want someone that really knows Toyo's. but someone independent.

thanks for listening!

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Hello....:hi:....and welcome to Toyota Nation!

I'll move your thread over to the General Discussion forum because the widest body of TN members will see it there and perhaps respond with suggestions. I'll leave a redirect, though, in the intro forum. :thumbsup:
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