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Newbie with AE86 20v

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hey, new to this site...I drive a 1986 Corolla GTS but had it for about a year and half now. Past few months i finally got it on the road, but i spent a year restoring it best i could from paint/body work and 20v ST/BT swap while finishing my senior year of college.

heres a teaser pic...until i organize and compress my buildup from and post it up over here
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Nice job on the restoration. You've got got a lot of dedication and patience to see the process through...wish I had your level of dedication to pursue projects like that. I think you'll find the forums helpful to you.

:welcome: to Toyota Nation!

WOW that is clean, Any chance you can gimme sum tip on bringing out that factory shine.???
Do you by anychance have the stock motor since you did the swap??? man i got a carb 4ac ......and are you willing to sell the stock motor????
hey, sorry havnt been on here in a while, busy working pretty much 7 days a week at times and going out drifting when im free or working/fixing the AE86

uhhh yea i have the old 4ag long block but its missing some parts that i sold. You should check out for local parts :thumbsup:
:clap: Nice dude, everyone loves an AE86! :hi:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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