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I'm Chad and I'll briefly tell you my story. I was the owner of a '95 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. The car was stolen close to 3 months ago and my "insurance" company has been stalling in paying me out. I needed a cheap ride to get me around until I got my dough, so I decided to choose a fuel efficent, reliable car; enter the 1989 Toyota Corolla SR-5. The car has 217,00+ miles (close to 350,000 Km's for you Canucks in the house) on it but runs well and I was able to get it for $1850 CDN. I sure miss that 3000GT; quite a big difference between 320 horse and 90! The Corolla has virtually no rust and the interior is immaculate. Mechanically, it needs some things, which leads me to an issue I'm having:

The car idles too high; approximately 1500 RPM. I have adjusted both the fast idle screw and the lower idle screw but no luck. I have a feeling that the spring that returns the RPM to idle when you release the throttle may be weak. It also appears that there might be a spring that runs up and down below the carbuerator that is missing, but I don't know if there is an additional spring beyond the one that I suspect is weak. All that being said:

1. Besides the spring that points to the fire wall and toward the radiator, are there any other springs that ensure the engine speed returns to a normal idle (in this case, 900 RPM) when you take your foot off the gas?

2. If there are additional springs, where are they located?

Any info is appreciated, and my apologies for the length of this post.

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your problem

Hey man im super sorry about your car getting ganked... my brother freaked my out by moving my car the other day and i nearly killed him.. but never the less.. mine used to do the same thing, mines an 86 but they still have the same engine.. and i just got a tune up and it was fixxed..although at the time i blew a head-gasket and replaced all the gaskets, but the mechanic just adjusted everything and it hasnt really givin me a problem sence... but being a carburetor they are fidgity like that, so i recomend getting a tune up just to see why its doing that. but thats just me. take it easy,and ill see you on the forums.
The carb setup has a ton of vacuum hoses and if one has a hole that would cause your high idle situation. Check each line for leaks. Can usually hear it hiss if its leaking. Also check to see if carb to manifold bolts are tight.
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