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Newbies please read before posting!

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I'm sure you'll find a wealth of information here about both modding and fixing your Toyota, and i hope we can be of any help necessary.

but first, id like to call your attention to one important aspect of our threads here, and thats the SEARCH function.

How do i SEARCH?
on your upper toolbar menu, there is an icon that says SEARCH. click on this icon to bring down a small screen, where you can type a query for what you are looking for. you can also select "advance search" if you need to find something exclusively around the exact words or search in a certain forum as opposed to the whole site, as with basic Search.

using the search function will allow you to find any tops relating to your general question, and i hope you can find the information you need...if you cant come across any info, post a question by all means! were a friendly group of people here and we have some very experienced and knowledgeable people here who are willing to help you!

using the search function helps YOU and prevents multiple threads on the same topic!

enjoy your time here!
happy posting!

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I'll make it one step easier...

If you're about to post a question on GS rims
Go here first:

If you're about to post a question about the Gen6 TRD exhaust
Go here first:

If you're about to post a question about a body kit for the Gen6 camry
Go here first:
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Here are a couple of links that you can check out if you have any questions that could be answered with an online manual:

Gen 5 (2002-2004) and Gen 5.5 (2005-2006):

Gen 6 (2007 and up):

If you want to view the owner's manual or maintenance guide for your vehicle you can go to this link:
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