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Newby with tune-up questions

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Howdy folks--My g/f recently purchased a '93 Paseo w/105k miles from original owner. The car is in great shape, but needs some TLC. I'm busy going through the engine right now. I purchased oil (Castrol "High Mileage"), an oil filter (Mobil 1), plugs (NGK iridium), a Bosch O2 sensor (expensive!), a Purolator PCV valve, and I'm ready to get a K&N air filter. I like the car except for the slushbox.
I have the following questions:
-What is the crankcase capacity? (I'm assuming 4 qts)
-Any suggestions for tires/wheels? (nothing "showy")
-Any good bolt-on power mods I should look into?
-I'm running 10W-40 through it (ambient temperatures around here this time of year are between 35-75 degrees Farenheit).

Thanks in advance for your help...
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oil capacity is 2.7 litres, that I remember. So 3-ish quarts will do. I use 5w40 because it gets down to -40 here, but it would still benefit you on startup. I'd stick with synthetic if I were you.

The wheels interchange with lots of cars, so you might have luck at the j/y. civics, jettas, ford stuff, you'd need centering rings. (remove emblems!)

wash and vacuum provides the same hp increase as cold air intake.

Change trans fluid--makes noticable difference.

If you don't know the history of the timing belt-you're due for a change there too.

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The plugs might be overkill being stock.

Some wheel centerbores might be too small. Keep that in mind.
Hey Paseorod, do you have an automatic transmission? And if so,, does the transmission fluid change really make that much of a difference?
My Volvo (740 turbo) does and I change transmission fluid and diff fluid frequently, well, regularly, well, --Anyways the first change on that car was after 275000 kilometres. It was like a whole new car.

I also change the trans fluid on the toyota. It's an amazing feeling; all the notchiness goes and so on.

If I had car that I didn't know the history, I would for sure change all the fluids, including brakes, steering, you get the picture. And spring for the good stuff!!!1

Thanks for the input bro, maybe ill get my transmission fluid change done afterall, even though i only have 105000KM. :thumbup:
Thanks for all of the feedback. However, I drained the tranny fluid, now I need to know the capacity of the transaxle so I can refill it!! (Yeah, I know--I need to buy a repair manual!!):rolleyes:
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