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Hello Everyone !
Just starting to get my feet wet with these forum settings so please bear with me. I've been very pleased with my 2000 Toyota Solara so now after just 95, 600 miles the dreaded check engine light comes on. Like some drivers I try to do my own maintenance. I'm not afraid to get dirty after dealing with vintage motorcycles for over 25 years. I have a Haynes manual in hand so I'm learning my way around the lingo. This is my first car with this check engine light. How serious does this light get involved with the overall driveablity of my car. Can it leave me stranded? All these electronic gizmo's can be confusing and expensive !
This is where I'm at right now. I opted for the free code check from my local parts supplier. I was warned this procedure is not absolute. This is what I was told. I don't get a code number but the result was a faulty CCV vent control solenoid or possible open circuit or short condition.
In my haynes manual chapter 6, emissions section on page 6-34, illustration 19.37b the vacuum switching valve for the canister closed valve, [CCV] are they one in the same parts? Is this the part I need to test? Thanks for your time and support. I'll try not to be too much of a bother just like my Toyota.
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A code should have appeared with the code reader, are you sure you didn't see one. Hope you get it fixed soon. Welcome to the Nation! :welcome:
Glad to have you on ToyotaNation, Tim! :thumbsup: You ought to cruise on over to the Solara forum and check out the information there. Should help you out quite a bit.


No code number

There was no code number printed on the slip of paper the tester gave. He did use a code to access his computer in the store though. It was something like a 0441 code or something like that. I should have written it down. I just assumed it was on the paper he gave me. I didn't realize it till I started reading the service manual and code numbers kept being mentioned. I'm going to test the CCV vent valve per the manual and see what I get.
Another question to the group, when the book calls for putting battery to a terminal on any of these valves are they saying power from the ignition or a auxilary power source? Thanks.........

Tim in Illinois
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