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ssauga Trix
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2004 NSX Berlina Black-Camel
2004 Machine Silver Z06
2003 Red Viper SRT-10
2004 Silver CTS-V
2004 Yellow SSR
2002 35th Camaro SS Convertible
2002 Candy Red Prowler
/ 2001 Orange Prowler
2001 Silver Prowler
2002 H1 Hummer
1970 Chevy Custom Truck
1969 Chevelle SS 396
1969 Garnet Red Camaro SS 350
1968 Chevy Truck LT1
1967 Hugger Orange Camaro 400
1955 Yellow Chevy Truck
1934 Ford Sedan

wife's car
04 SL600 and the 04 E55

from owner:
I try to drive something different every day. Can't always get to the one I want, I have to shuffle them every once in a while to get to something else.

Pochacco Owns Me
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is he willing to adopt me ?

93 Z24 and 78 Bronco
1993 z24
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i thought you were gonna talk about tools

there's no way i'll ever be able to afford any of those, no use in dreaming

Official Acura Troll
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SolaraTRD said:
there's only one foriegn car? Well, not bad of a collection. I bet the next car he'll get is GTO or soemthing~

Did he recently get rich cause some cars are all from 2004~

well ter'es the two benz's that his wife drives.

2008 Mazdaspeed 3
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hell, if he earned it, good for him, im not hating...

'cause im going to have a garage full of bad ass cars too..:D

Turbos = Witchcraft
2004 Scion xA
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lets jump him, steal his cars, and make the next gumball rally/mischief vid..

Yes, your rides will rule... a preview of your future garage razo... lol

2004 Camel
1994 Machine Silver Ford Contour (smashed front end)
2003 Red Viper SRT-10 Emblem... on a 87 Civic (blew engine cuz of NAWWWWWWWZ)
1978 Red(Rust) Pinto (dead)
1978 Orange(Rust) Pinto (dead)
1977 Silver Pinto (no rear end due to gas tank explosion)
2002 H1 Hummer Poster...
1992 Ford Taurus (rebuilding tranny for 6th time)
1990 Pontiac Fiero (Repairing Fire Damage)
1987 Chevy Camaro (Me and my sisters... i mean... wife's first car)
1974 Chevy C3500 Woodbed Pickup (only one of my cars that runs)(pics)

Lives For The Curves
93 Camry
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Razo's your dad??? :confused:

But damn... CTS-V.... *drool*

TN's Resident Car Whore!
'95 DSM Eclipse RS
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Damn that's nice.

S14 Fever :D
1993 Toyota Scepter
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I told you guys to stop taking pictures of my cars:mad: :lol:

That would be nice to own

TN Ass Man
95 Camry SE 2-door
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what is in the second bay from the left in the 4th link, cause it kinda looks like the rear of a 5th gen Camry, doubt it but it kinda looks like one
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