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Nice moab trip!

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I love how the truck looks with the bike in the back!
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Great looking truck! Looks like the perfect ride for the Moki Dugway, but I don't guess you got that far south (?)
Thanks! Nope, we rode slickrock, porcupine rim, and LPS (lower porcupine singletrack). LPS was definitely my favorite. Where is Moki Dugway?

Moki Dugway is in southeast Utah, just north of Mexican Hat on Utah highway 261. (I've also seen it spelled Moqui). We were nearby, traveling from the Four Corners region, through Monument Valley and on towards the Grand Canyon. If you google Moki Dugway, you'll see some fantastic pictures! Unfortunately, my wife also saw those pictures, and said, "NO WAY WE'RE GONNA DRIVE THAT!" :lol: Maybe next time. I might have had better luck persuading her if we'd been in a sure-footed Tacoma instead of a rented minivan.

If you get down that way you might also check out Muley Point.

Here's a great site showing the northbound approach to the Dugway:
Thanks! I've really enjoyed him. He just turned 13 months old. He's my first dog and has been awesome!
Thanks! I've really enjoyed him. He just turned 13 months old. He's my first dog and has been awesome!
looks like a shiba?
great dogs...i have a 15 mo old male same black and tan also...last two hikes i went on i was able to take him off the leash which is not recommended with the breed but he did good as long as he's tired or with other dogs who don't run off! but he's getting better at it too which gives me hope..and nice bike and rig by the way..those are some monster tires you stuffed in that thing
That's awesome! Yea we always have ours off leash. He's not your typical shiba haha. He loves swimming too! Do you have any pics?
yea he loves the water now too...any chance he gets on hikes he'll be in the water dunking his head and running around in the streams...hopefully after a couple more hikes off the leash he'll realize that he needs to stay close and will help with the overall off-leash experience... here's a few pics i have on my work computer...

on top of chief mtn in colorado outside idaho springs

swimming in the colorado just outside moab

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Well If we are posting shibas I gotta add ours! He's a mix, but he's the smartest dog I've ever seen.

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haha that's awesome guys! Keep em coming. Wasn't there a dog thread on here?
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