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Nissan....... way to ruin a good thing

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They go from the Uber sexy R34 (and R33) to THIS!!?:rolleyes: :disappoin :mad:
Say its not so! Cars these days just keep getting uglier:hammer:
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i dont like it either. front loks kinda like a dodge magnum and bently mixed. :confused:
oh its beyond not liking it for me........ its HIDEOUS, I mean the front grille, bling wheels, headlights, just an overall ass-ugly shape:mad:
I concur with all of you...the R35 is utterly hideous... But I look at it this way...

It's basically a 350Z juiced on steroids.
i think the front looks RX-8ish. but ya, definitly fugly
its ok but its still a concept/prototype version it could be diff then production model
yeah it just looks like a 350z or the g35 sport coupe
Definately ugly. I hope it's only a concept. If I were in the market for that type of car(I can dream can't I?) I would buy a G35. It's better looking IMHO.
these pics are old, that car looks like crap, no way they're gonna be calling that a skyline
looks like a Z with mascara and heavy lip liner :hammer:
I kinda like the back. The front is ugly though.
when u guys see the specs, you'll say who cares about how it looks :p: !
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :barf: I'm gonna have trouble sleeping at nite. Is that what they have in mind??? They must be on cheap crack. Its not only a mix of magnum/bentley but also cadillac. Actually, it looks like a racoon. No.. it looks like a shoe. It just looks like shit.
I will lose a lot of respect for Nissian if they make the R35 look like that:thumbdown :disappoin They're trying to make the car look too futuristic:disappoin
That car isn't an R35, it's the concept that resulted in the 350Z and the G35.
it looks like one of them cadillac....i think they are copying those North American...which is not a way to go for sure
Old news
I think I saw that at the Detroit Auto show in person like 2 or 3 years ago? Very very old news.

I happen to like it though. I didn't at first but it has grown on me in the past 2 years. I think the one Ufoz8mycow posted is hideous.

And those aren't 23 inch chrome rims. I forgot the exact size but they were not bigger than 20's and they surely are not chrome.

Plus it's a really old concept for the R35 GTR. I have seen a newer mockup that shows the R35 looking more like the base model skyline (Infinity G35). I will see if I can find the pic...
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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