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Here is a price break down:

Basic Nitrous Kit (Lines, NMU, 10lbs Bottle, Nozzle, Jets) - $380

Extra setup with the RPM window switch, nitrous progressive controller, auto bottle opener, auto bottle heater, dual purge, blow down kit, extra jets, inline fuel and nitrous solenoids? - $580

But if you buy the complete setup as opposed to buying the basic alone or the extra alone, I'll sell it for $900 instead of the $960 and i'll throw in the extra 20lbs bottle.

The gauges are extra (Autometer C2 except the DPIC which is the cobalt series):
Volt - $80
Fuel PSI - $140
Nitrous PSI - $120
Boost/vac - $120
DPIC - $130

20lbs nitrous bottle- $90

Shogun spoiler $120

5zigen rims and tires- $750

Gauge pod pillar (holds 3 gauges)- $20

Custom dash pod (holds 2 gauges)- $20

Headlight cover with eyelids- $35

Black headlight cover -$20

Sound system (4 pioneer speakers, boss amp, wires, inline fuse, capacitor)- $250

Sony xplod head unit- $100

Street glow gold series PURPLE- $100

Stripped car of all its goods except body kit - $1200

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tough crowd. what happen to all the people who wanted cheap hp? I can sell the most basic setup for $300, but I will not ship the bottle. All I would suggest if you do purchase is, take off all the fittings and clean them, and reapply new tread sealant (it's a good practice with nitrous since you dont want it to leak)
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