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Yaris hatch; back for 2020

EDIT: 2020 Yaris hatch, based on Yaris sedan [nee Scion iA] is coming for 2020. :nerd:

2018 was last year for the hatchbacks on Gen 3 Yaris/Echo in US. Still a few on dealer lots.

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new 2020 Yaris

I was just reading that. Said no 2019 model (so whats being sold as a 2019?), but something new for 2020.

Is this for the US only or it also includes Canada/world

Can tell you now. If it's based off a Mazda platform or has anything to do with Mazda. I won't buy it

Had two Mazda's and both were crap. Talking many years ago and bought used, but both within 8 years of original purchase date

Worst was the RX7. Not only did the dealership lie about repairs, but when I found out and complained to Mazda. I was told too bad and then they hung up the phone on me.

Vowed never to buy anything from them at that point. I don't care whats in the car. If it involves Mazda. Toyota can keep it.

I either move up to a Corolla or buy from another company.

Wait and see

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