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no compression

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i got athis problem w/ my engine ..................:confused:" help"
the 4th cylinder of my 4afe is just fu*K up ,im not getting any pressure readings at all,i took the damn thing apart like 6 fu*king times already,replace the head gasket and found that one of my valves is crack,so i decide to take it to the machine shop to go let them resurface and replace what ever needed to be replace.
once that was done i brought the damn thing back home and put the damn thing on and finally i was done so i start the damn car up:D it start fine at first so i let it warm up a bit untill i test drive the fu*ker :p: when i did test the fu*ker it ran smooth and better than before:) :thumbup: a week pass and thats when i started to lose compression so i decide to take the fu*ker apart again and again :mad: finally got done the next daytest it and that fu*ker doing the same FU*CKIN THING ....:disappoin
im about to drive this damn car off of the freeway or something!!!!:rolleyes: can any one help if they know what in the hell is wrong with my rolla???????
oh yeah, will it pass smog if only running on 3 cylinder???
tags are already expired need info a/s/a/p
:eek: my space
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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