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While driving alon the highway the other day, I ran over some uneven pavement and the resulting jolt caused my speed control to stop working and 6 warning lights on the dash to be lighted.
Since then I took my car to have it scanned and was told that the alternator was not working. I took a reading across the battery posts while the car was ideling and sure enough it read only 12.27 volts.

The question is:how do I track down the problem since this only occured when I had struck a bump and the car only has 64,000 miles on it, I think that it may be a bad connection or wire may be broken.



This is a 1984 Cressida.

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take it to autozone and see if they can check the alternator/battery and let you know what they think (its a free service for their checkup) cus' they try and make money from you buying from them...I'm guessing its the alt that shot your battery out! (been there..done that)...
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